Welcome to the DST 50 players max server with working Rank Xp and credits

DST is the names made from the first letters of ..DaSoLe.. ..Soul Killer.. ..The Thing..


We have a steam group called ( Rusty Guns and Naked Chums News Group ) if you guys want to join it's more of News group for the server by doing a group Request and then eventually you will be accepted into the group if you wish to join.

Visit our Steam Group Page


This is a 4400 size map


There is no decay on this server sorry for who wanted it turned on but after we did try to run it most now prefer it turned off but we did try to run it on 5% decay.


Follow the link below to vote for our server. It's simple and easy, all you need is your steam account to vote. If you have any question please contact our server admins or message us on Discord.

Click on the big picture to vote


The server gets wiped once a month of every first Thursday by the Rust DEV's so this same with all rust severs on that day.


The blueprints will also get wiped by us every month sorry guys that are used to keeping them but as a vote by most on here it was best to have a new Clean Start evey month.

For help Information go to the Information panel ----------------------------------->


This is a server for everyone who wants to raid trade kill or try to get along it's up to you how you play on the server.

No constant bad language or racist comments to other players which can be a kick or a ban on the server if the admin choose to


We do like to encourage raiding but at the same time it's not everyone's cup of tea but raiding is big part of rust who knows whats to come in the future of rust and what will be added to the game.


DST Soul killer ..main admin and helper..

DST Adam ..known as The Thing is a coder and event manager..

DST Dasole ..first man of DST..

We are on the look out for more admins but it takes more than just to be an admin on this server for the power to run things and do what most admins think they can do ! well not on this server but by joining the DST teamspeak and talking to us there in time if we think you can do the job right it is yours


On this server is they do not NOCLIP or use there power in any other way to upset other players on this server other than kick or ban if any one seen an Admin doing any thing they are not supposed to do then let DST Soul killer know


The DST Discord is up and running for who ever wants to join it.


If you like or love the server and you are kind to donate on what you can and want to by going to the website for any one who does a big thankyou from DST